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 Nationwide systems developed by Real Systems

  • Business Register - provides actual and adequate information (also online) on all profit and nonprofit organizations, including political parties, and on persons related to any business activities.
  • ePrisons - covers all aspects of a person’s imprisonment: from the initial registration and until his/her discharge from a prison. Up-to-date centralized system is used in all places of detention over the Country.
  • Bailiffs – the information system connects all Estonian counties and courts, covering all processes of bailiffs’ every day work: from case initial registration, document management, payment handling to case closure.
  • Information System of Railroads Infrastructure -the core function of the system is to maintain data regarding the precise technical conditions and maintenance of the railways.
    Register of Railroads - an eGov-solution for managing all the railroads, their owners and infrastructures nationwide.
  •  Drivers & Licenses – already from 1995 to manage information on drivers and their licenses (including driving test results, date of validity of medical examination, etc.).
  • Police & Intelligence system.

For the businesses:

  •  RS4 Cash Collection  (Cash Processing and Transport Services).
  • Customers and Cards of a Department Store.
  • Nationwide Postal System.
  • System for aviation companies.