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How to discover corruption, reveal group of terrorists or drug couriers, find the links between companies and criminals or suspicious connections out of thousands of phone calls or bank transactions, stop and prevent child abuse?

Mostly – by analyzing andworking with information gathered from different sources. The result of task-oriented data collection is: several merged and combined fragments of information to see the whole picture, understand a situation and plan further actions.

Sure, nothing could replace a human and his ability to combine and synthesize collected data. None of the computer programs or systems will give 100% reliable solution, but they can greatly simplify and facilitate the work of specialists.

VizKey™  is the solutions.

VizKey™  is the software environment for analysts and investigators to collect, represent, explore and provide information in an understandable form.  VizKey™ depicts large amounts of information in a graphic form and represents data by objects and their relationships.  Together with the functionality of data analyses this helps to understand what happens, find and identify key figures and events, make conclusions and plan further steps of investigation.

The most outstanding distinctness of VizKey™ is that the software consists of several inseparable modules:

Interface for creating charts and information analysis.

Drag and drop icons on the chart area manually and define relations between them. It’s reasonable when you need to sketch an idea and/or the amount of information you have is not too big.


Find and explore data from VizKey™ database(s). With VizKey™ you will never have the problem of where to keep collected data and how to combine it with recently received information. VizKey™ database can be located on server or personal PC, be part of Oracle, MS SQL or My SQL database and it has no limits.

Interface for data import.

Import large volumes of information from structured files. It makes the life much easier – instead of spending the time and defining every object manually, you can transform a huge volume of information in graphical format within few minutes. Transfer information from multiple files into VizKey™, detect similar objects, merge them into one and you will see more clearly all implicit relations and activities.

 Interface for making queries from external databases.

Receive information on the VizKey™ chart area from external database(s). It doesn’t matter how information looks like in external database. On VizKey™ chart you will see the picture composed by graphic elements. “Draw” the complex query by using objects and relations, define conditions to searchable elements, check the result and show it on the chart.


To work with VizKey™, the user does not need any special knowledge in IT. The working environment is simple and understandable; an ordinary user can make all necessary activities without having any IT assistance.

Find more about VizKey™ at www.vizkeyweb.com