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The Bailiffs’ Information System (eBailiffs) was developed to support bailiffs in their everyday tasks and to simplify the survey of debtors and debts. As the business of bailiffs has a role of public interest, then eBailiffs belongs to the line of eGovernance solutions and has a central web-interface for the nationwide management by a public institution.

eBailiffs generate various documents on pre-defined templates and in accordance to existing law it has a built-in query engine simplifying handling of payments and arrest of a debtor’s property.

Integration with police system has resolved the tracking and management of unpaid fines. The extension to commercial banks online systems allows sending direct orders for arrests of debtors’ properties and bank accounts.

Information on debtors’ payments is reflected in eBailiffs and users can control transactions from/to their bank account and handle payments directly from the system.

The eBailiffs’ central supervision includes monitoring of bailiffs actions and generation of appropriate statistical reports.

eBailiffs is a modern tool for bailiffs of the age of information society.