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Information System of Railroads Infrastructure serves the Railway Companies to assure technical security and safety. Regular maintenance according to the schedules based on information of previous periods and technical instructions of equipment avoids accidents, disrepairs and economic losses.

The system is worked out to reflect the current technical conditions of railways and to plan their maintenance and repair.

Information system supports:

  • Object Management (switches, bridges, crossings, traffic signs, traffic lights and other railway   infrastructure, engineering data management).
  • Management of railroad characteristics (ballast, sleepers, rail types etc.).
  • General data input and management (load, fixed stations, defects and other data management).
  • Administration of classifiers (types of defects, types of materials, types of switches etc.).
  • Generation of reports (track maps compilation, technical data visualization.
  • Management of users and their rights (user registration, assignment of rights, deactivation of users).


 The State Register of Railways

The State Register of Railways ensures safety of railroads and their compliance to existing regulations and standards. Information on all existing railroads of the country and their owners, including history of works done on certain routes is stored and updated nationwide. The inspection of railroads, supervision of entire network is efficient providing national security of utilization of the railroads network.